Qbit Software Solutions

Easy to use, high performance software that saves you money and makes your business better.

Qbit POS Solutions Software is an easy to use, high performance software which offers countless time and money saving features that will allow business owners to efficiently manage their business while focusing on what’s important, keeping customers satisfied and spending.

Benefits of using of our Software:

1. Manage Better

Qbit POS Solutions puts business owners in control of their business. With a full feature set it’s the perfect tool to help make running business easier and more profitable.

Employee Management – Business owners can track their employee hours with a build in time clock and view a detailed breakdown of hours worked for each employee or each day. Different security level can also be set up to control the functions that particular employee are authorized to use. Through detailed reports, business owners can even see which employees are the most productive.

Inventory Control – Our software can keep inventory cost low by reducing dead inventory, and maximizing turns. Prevent overstocked and under-stocked at any given time. Optimizing inventory holdings to represent the best possible ‘return on stock’

Flexible Pricing – Qbit POS allows users to dynamically customize product pricing within seconds to accommodate vouchers, sales, and other discounts.

2. Gain Insights

A wide range of reports will provide a top level view of operations so business owners can make more informed and high strategic business decisions.

  • Compare daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales
  • Find best and worst selling products
  • Track customer buying patterns
  • View daily sales tenders & deposits
  • Monitor cash registers, and in depth Cashier Analysis

3. Work from Anywhere

Our software allows users to work anywhere with an internet connection.

4. Unparalleled Support

After onsite installation and training, users will receive exceptional customer service and technical support. Remote support allows our technical support team to access the system to repair any software issues immediately.