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In today’s ever changing retail business, business owners need more than just a cash box to keep with their varying demand, and with Qbit intuitive POS(Point-Of-Sales) Software, POS system, Point-Of-Sales system, business owners can do just that. With it’s wide array of features, clean and logical interface, and easy to use software, business will be up and running smoothly, leaving business owners to focus on running their business without stress and fuss.

Key benefits of Qbit POS Software:

  • Accepts multiple payment types.
  • Accepts multiple sales person entry.
  • Increases integrity of sales transactions.
  • Allows discount and promotions.

Specialized functions:

  • a. Customer Packages (Suitable for Hair Salons, Salon POS Software )
    • Able to track customer payments & visit balance. Allow partial payment.
    • Information can be available online.
    • e.g. Salon Hair Cut Package, Salon Hair Coloring Package, Treatment Package.
  • b. Customer Appointment Management (Suitable for Hair Salons, Salon POS Software )
    • Better management of appointments.
    • Optional mobile SMS can also be sent as a reminder to the cutomer.
  • c. Customer Profile
    • Allows users to view customer buying patterns and history of sales.
    • Allows point system. e.g. $5 to 1 point.
    • Allows for electronic voucher system. e.g. Customer puchase voucher value of $500 at a discounted price of $400, the system will be able to track the voucher in the system and Customers can redeem the voucher during a purchase.
  • d. Time Clock
    • Tracks staff clock in and out efficiently and accurately.
    • Able to track lunch breaks, toilet breaks and others.
    • Allows manager/supervisor to monitor staff work hours.


Qbit Solutions Pte Ltd is a supplier of technology solutions for small and medium-sized trades beyond the huge productions here in Singapore which contains wholesales businesses like hair salon, food & beverage and pubs. We dearly recognize the significance and the role that the Point Of Sales (POS) system can function in assisting the trade in cutting charges for hair salon software, making better understanding, improve consumers experience and supplying a better level of handle in the method of reporting information and figures. The effectual part of using a POS system is that it makes use of the knowledge to scan barcodes on item and thereafter, have the receipt printed out.

With Qbit Solutions, we strive to provide high quality, innovative, easy to use POS system solutions which are specifically tailored designed for all our customers and to surpass their standards. We firmly accept the importance and the operation that the Point Of Sales (POS) system can operate in aiding the organization in reducing rates, build efficiency, advance regulars experience and provide an advancing level of grip in the form of accounting info and numbers. The effective part of using a POS system is that it makes use of the equipment to scan barcodes on gift.