Qbit BackOffice Software affords managers complete control of all the essential business operations such as customer and product profitability reports, price changes, promotional discounts, and customer loyalty programs, to name a few. Use the software to streamline business activities and gain powerful insights of business performance.

Key Benefits of Qbit BackOffice Software:

  • Prevents lost by making informed decisions with accurate information and powerfull reporting tool.
  • Helps to reduce paperwork and cuts down workload.
  • Comprehensive reports and handlesall necessary reporting such as daily sales report and stock variance report.
  • Better management of inventory and reduce shrinkage.
  • Allows accurate record of sales to be pulled at any point throughout the day.
  • Provides more management posibilities of daily operation.
  • Real time information available, accessing information anytime.

Specialized functions:

  • Calculation of Staff Commissions (Reports)
    • Able to calculate commissions for staff acurrately.
    • Save paperwork and time for management.
  • Statistics and performance (Reports)
    • Provides statistics of customer’s visits (e.g. Walk-ins vs. Regulars)
    • Outlet sales performance
    • Product sales (Fast moving/Slow Moving).

Modules & Functionalities

Please refer to Appendix B for full listing of modules & functionalities.